3.0.1 (05.02.2019)

- New Feature: Add logged user's traffic history/report.

3.0.0 (21.12.2017)

- New changes for Joomla 3.0 and 4.0, the same package for both Joomla versions.

2.2.9 (23.08.2017)

- Fixed issue: Users Distribution Map page not load.

2.2.8 (14.08.2017)

- Emails for new imported users are not send if values for {from_email}, {from_name} and {sitename} are empty.

2.2.7 (25.07.2017)

- Export and Import the new Joomla Fields for your users, not only User Profile fields but new Joomla User Fields.

2.2.6 (26.06.2017)

- added option for select/un-select all user groups on export/import actions.

2.2.5 (23.03.2017)

- fixed "No database selected" error for "Import Users From External Database" action.

2.2.4 (13.10.2016)

- added "Users Distributions Map" with support for JomSocial and EasySocial extensions. Add users on map by address or longitude and latitude

2.2.3 (07.10.2016)

- added option on users management to stop multiple log-in sessions for the same user from multiple devices or from multiple browsers

2.2.2 (26.09.2016)

- added import history, options for imported users: delete, require password reset, stop require password reset, block and unblock
- fixed some notices on export

2.2.1 (12.09.2016)

- added option for select category when import users in Com Contacts
- add UTF-8 export type

2.2.0 (16.08.2016)

- added support for import and export custom table columns for #__users database table
- fixed bug: import CSV files when separator is in the value of one column

2.1.4 (25.07.2016)

- added export Summary page
- saved email template for export and import

2.1.3 (18.07.2016)

- create Mail Chimp export list with users for: Joomla Users, VirtueMart, HikaShop and Digistore
- added new custom fields for export, import and Cron Jobs, not only Joomla regular fields

2.1.2 (30.06.2016)

- added Mail Chimp integration in user management
- added "Multiple Select" option for custom fields
- fixed bug: on custom fields, values for lists are not saved for multi languages

2.1.1 (29.04.2016)

- delete users by last visit date
- block / unblock users by last visit date

2.1.0 (06.04.2016)

- added "Manage Users" menu item: Delete, Change Group, Activate and Block / Unblock

2.0.3 (14.03.2016)

- added reset button for statistics in dashboard
- added "Notifications" area in dashboard

2.0.2 (23.02.2016)

- added "Add Imported Users To Contacts" option for import
- fixed bug: validate custom fields on registration form

2.0.1 (13.01.2016)

- support multi language label and values for custom fields
- fixed bug: on view profile in front-end, users can't see values for list, radio and checkboxes fields

2.0.0 (30.11.2015)

- create new user registration custom fields: calendar, checkboxes, color, editor, email, hidden, integer, language, list, radio, spacer, text, textarea, url

1.1.3 (09.10.2015)

- log-in Users Statistics in dashboard by date

1.1.2 (29.09.2015)

- added option "Require Password Reset" for import action
- integrate MailChimp for Cron Jobs
- export users by registration date for Cron Jobs and export action

1.1.1 (03.08.2015)

- fixed bug: bootstrap options Yes/No doesn't work on IE

1.1.0 (27.07.2015)

- added new feature: create Cron Jobs

1.0.4 (13.07.2015)

- fixed bug: when a user is assigned to multiple Groups, it doesn't export all groups for it

1.0.3 (22.06.2015)

- added "PDF" and "PHP array" types for export
- added limit export (Limit Start and Limit Stop)

1.0.2 (19.06.2015)

- integrate MailChimp for import
- fixed bug: doesn't recognize end of line for CSV files on MAC

1.0.1 (09.06.2015)

- integrate MailChimp for export

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