3.0.3 (05.07.2019)

- New Feature: Scan page for meta data info, from "Add Page Meta" modal content.

3.0.2 (27.02.2019)

- New Feature: Google SiteMap for all site menu items.

3.0.1 (04.02.2019)

- New Feature: Add logged user's traffic history/report.

3.0.0 (29.01.2019)

- Integrate DJ-Classifieds,

- Integrate DJ-Catalog,

- Implementation for Joomla 4.x version.

2.0.15 (26.06.2018)

 - Fixed issue: Can not save opengraph description with special characters.

2.0.14 (02.05.2018)

 - New Feature: Option to disable, or not, the new button for custom page meta - Add Page Meta,

 - New Feature: Option to stop save IreneCore Seo Statistics.

2.0.13 (23.04.2018)

 - New Feature: Add custom meta data values from front-end,

 - New Feature: Migrate meta data values from EFSEO (for Joomla Content, Cobalt 8 CCK, Zoo) into our extension. For other extensions, just ask us.

2.0.12 (20.02.2018)

  - Added option in General Settings to stop Google AutoSuggestion when add Meta Data values.

  - Fixed issue: articles list revert to the first page after save when filter articles by category.

  - Added new button to export all Meta Tags values, not only values listed in the current page.

2.0.11 (14.02.2018)

  - New Feature: Dynamic Open Graph Tags for Joomla Menu Items, Joomla Articles and Zoo Items / Categories.

  - New Feature: Option to ignore meta data for menu items if that menu item open another sourse (Article, Produt, Course, Item), meta data for that menu item will not be a priority. Option added in IreneCore Seo - General Settings.

  - New Feature: J2Store support for Com_Content source.

2.0.10 (30.10.2017)

  - Fixed some issues in mod_irenecoregooglecrumbs module.

  - New Feature: possibility to add multiple language support for "Media Follow Buttons" from Settings.

2.0.9 (19.09.2017)

  - Fixed issue: notice on Cobalt Snippets when no comment image is added.

  - New Feature: possibility to add custom words before meta title and site name after meta title.

2.0.8 (14.08.2017)

  - Fixed issue: duplicate menu items in Manage Meta Tags page.

2.0.7 (18.07.2017)

   - Fixed some issues for IreneCore Seo - countries statistics
   - Fixed some issues for Stylize keywords
   - Fixed some warnings in Cobalt 8 CCK
   - Added feature to edit H1 - H6 HTML tags for Cobalt 8 CCK Sections

2.0.6 (04.07.2017)

   - Add schema.org for Rich Snippets in Google Search Results for other Joomla extensions
   - Add schema.org for Rich Snippets in Google Search Results for Cobalt 8 CCK Comments

2.0.5 (19.06.2017)

    - added schema.org for Rich Snippets in Google Search Results (Joomla Articles, K2 Items, EasyBlog Items, Guru Courses, Zoo Items, Cobalt 8 CCK Records)
    - option to edit H1...H6 tags (add new text before and after H1...H6 HTML tags)
    - added option to change http: to https: for all URLs from your site
    - fixed issue: can not create Custom Article URL for new Joomla version

2.0.4 (18.05.2017)

    - Open Graph support for 3rd extensions
    - Add Meta Data from page conten if current Menu item is not set
    - Add support for site logo icon

2.0.3 (12.05.2017)

    - added support for Open Graph (Joomla articles, Joomla Menu items and Cobalt (Sections, Categories and Records))

2.0.2 (22.04.2017)

    - added support for Google thumb on search action
    - added language filter for items on Manage Meta Tags page
    - added rel alternate for multiple language support

2.0.1 (04.10.2016)

    - added options for publish, unpublish, delete, archived... items on "Manage Meta Tags" page
    - fixed bug: filter items by item status doesn't work for HikaShop

2.0.0 (26.09.2016)

    - added Statistics numbers in dashboard
    - added Analysis button in "Manage Meta Tags" page: check keywords density, keywords position, check 'stop keywords', keywords in first paragraph
      check if meta title and meta description are added, check h1, h2 and h3 HTML tags, calculate content length for Google, find images without alt and title parameters
    - Google autosugest keywords, meta title and meta description values

1.2.2 (07.07.2016)

    - added support for VirtueMart and Digistore
    - fixed bug: conflict with custom URLs and menu items in front-end

1.2.1 (13.05.2016)

    - possibility to change dynamically path for images, scripts or css files

1.2.0 (18.04.2016)

    - support for "Redirect Links", you can add anywhere in your site a custom redirect URL
    - added custom CSS class for stylize keywords

1.1.3 (11.02.2016)

    - added support for Publisher,  Cobalt 8 CCK, HikaShop and Phoca Gallery
    - reset statistics buttons for Google Keywords Statisitics, Meta Data Statistics and URLs statistics
    - added reset buttons for country statistics and URLs statistics

1.1.2 (28.01.2016)

    - add support for "System - SEOSimple" plug-in when meta data values are added in front-end
    - add support for JomSocial and Easy Social

1.1.1 (02.12.2015)

    - fixed bug: Generate description for Guru categories doesn't work
    - add limit replacement for "Stylize Track Keywords"

1.1.0 (30.10.2015)

    - add support for Form2Content, Guru and Zoo extensions
    - add media buttons in front-end: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

1.0.5 (25.09.2015) 

    - stop add Meta Title when in front-end is used HTML5, page content is not validate

1.0.4 (06.08.2015) 

    - check if sh404 extenion has Seo plug-in enabled
    - added visit statistics for users and countries

1.0.3 (13.07.2015) 

    - fixed bug: add meta data for one article if the menu item for that article doesn't have meta data values
    - fixed some notices

1.0.2 (22.06.2015) 

    - added support for K2, Kunena Forum and Easy Blog
    - added Export CSV file with meta data

1.0.1 (12.06.2015)

    - added Statistics numbers (see your missing keys, title and description and having the possibility to click on the number of missing meta and goes to a page where to complete that missing meta)
    - added URLs statistics
    - made changes for read keywords position on Google






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