How to import a list of Joomla users, using our extension:


From Import menu select: Import Joomla Users.


Here we have 4 simple steps to do


The first step is to choose the file type to import. You can upload CSV, TXT, SQL and ZIP.

Our list is here. It's a simple list of users with 3 columns: name, username and email


We are gonna upload our file and go to the next step.


Here we have 3 zones with import options.

First Zone, Overwrite values, is for users that can already exists in your site, and for that users you can set to overwrite all imported details, or, you can set to overwrite only specific columns.


On the second zone, Extra, if you want to add new users in com_contacts, select "Add Imported Users To Contacts", Select the category where you want to add new users and set if you want to publish or not that contacts. If you don't want to add users in com_contacts, just let it empty.

Require Password Reset - if you want to force the new users to reset their password when they try to log-in to your site, you must select this option, if not, just let it empty.

 Field separator - you must choose the same columns separator like in imported file. In my case the separator is comma.

 Imported passwords are already encrypted - you need to specify if imported file contains password column and if it's already encrypted. In my case, I don't have a column for passwords and I set this option to No, because there are no passwords encrypted.

Generate new password if none set - this password is for users without password in imported file. Select Yes if you want to generate passwords for your users.

Add default password if none set - if you don't want to generate a new password, you can type here a temporary password (test in my case), and force your users to reset their password by selecting Require Password Reset option.

Add imported users to default group - if your list doesn't have a column with usertype, you have to select the default usergroup where users will be added.


The third zone is for MailChimp integration.

If you want to add your users to a specific list in MailChimp, you can type Mailchimp APY Key and MailChimp List ID. You can get both values from your MailChimp account.

Next step is for announcement emails. The users must know the new passwords if these were generated. If the password already exists in the imported file, and that password was encrypted, the password will not be sent to that users via email.

Send emails to new users after import - if you want to send emails to users, you have to select this option, but, before you set the option to send emails please check the email limit with your hosting company, most of the providers limit the amount of emails that can be sent hourly/daily/monthly.

In this area you can customize the email body and subject from this area.


After setting emails zone, just click Run Import for running the import.

Here you can see the progress. All users are imported!

You can see that all users are imported and the password reset is required for all of them.

Let's import a strange characters Joomla users list

The first step is to copy and paste your list in UTF-8 Import textarea.

You can see that we must have the header on the first line: name, username and email

Click -> Next button

After doing all steps for regular import, click Run Import button


Here you can see the progress. All users are imported!

Here they are!

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